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Instructions for registration. Detailed explanations of these photos. 

Once you open the above link, press the orange button Sign Up, which is located on the right. 
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Opens form with fields that you must to complete. In case of you do not have PayPal / Payza e-mail, re-enter your e-mail. In the last field select (I am not robot ) and click the green button (Get Started).
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 After complete the registration, check your e-mail. You have got the confirmation code you need to click. Finally the registration will be confirmed. The next step is to log into your account from the login menu (top right).
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 Click on WEBSITES (middle left), there you can add a new site. In this section you are able to buy credits for your websites and to promote them. In other way use exhange ratio method. How to get more benefits of traffic exchange? It is necessary to complete your profile if it possible of 100%. Fortunately you can use free traffic. How can that to be happen?
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 Click on START SURFING 1:1 or START SURFING 2:1 (top middle), then you open a window with auto loading ADs. After about 15 seconds in the top of page appears five pictures. This means that we are almost done. Now click on the transparent picture. Then repeat the same action for the second ad and so to the last. Ads are auto loading one by one.
ptc site, ptc top, earn money
ptc site, ptc top, earn money
The site is a popular and with proven payments !!! Minimum payout amount is only $3.00. Easyhits4u pay through PayZa. Payouts are normally done within 5-7 business days after a request has been placed. You can submit your payout request using the cashout link on the "Statistics" page. 
Not required to spend a lot of time! Just sit down and take a few minutes a day. Be persistent and you will see how the money will come to you. Imagine what kind of revenues you could reach by yourself. 
Why don't you try !!! 

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Once you have completed your registration, will see the first ads and accordingly will earn first credits. GOOD LUCK!!!